How soon do I place an order?
You are encouraged to place your order as soon as possible. We recommend 2-3 months for large orders.
The price listed for the item is for how many days of rental?
The price listed for each item represents a one-day rental (24 hours). Items kept longer than 24-hours will be charged for each additional day. 
What is the delivery fee?
There is a fixed delivery fee of $50 for all orders; plus an additional $1.75 for each mile after 10 miles. For a preview of your delivery fee, upon creating your order, input your delivery address and select “calculate estimated delivery”.
Do you set up the tables and chairs?
No, we do not set up or break down. if this service is needed, it can be arranged for an additional fee. This fee will be added to the final invoice.
What is your cancellation fee?
A full refund will be extended if your order is canceled 60-days prior to your event. Orders canceled less than 30-days will result in a 50% fee. Orders canceled 72-hours before delivery will result in a 80% cancelation fee. For orders canceled less than 72 hours a full rental fee will apply.